The Voices of Leadership

We asked our leaders off-the-cuff questions, and it was the most fun we've had in a while. 

But seriously—they're passionate about serving advisors and staying curious. And they have some great advice for advisors joining us.

Meet those leading the way

Get to know the people behind those fancy titles, and the incredible teams behind them, too.

  • Bernie Clark, Managing Director, Head of Advisor Services

    "We can work together, and we want to help you grow. You're in the right place."

  • Jon Beatty, Managing Director, COO of Advisor Services

    "What I like to hear from advisors is where are the opportunities? That's what we enjoy at Schwab."

  • Jalina Kerr, Managing Director, Client Experience

    "I really love the fact that we as a company are very aligned with clients and are always thinking about ways to do right by them."

  • Tom Bradley, Managing Director, Advisor Services Group

    "If you put the client first, success will follow. I've learned that from advisors."

  • Michelle Palermo, Advisor Services Group leader

    "I really admire what our advisors do for their clients each and every day. And they push us to do better."

  • John Tovar, Managing Director, Wealth Management Services

    "I think there's a laser focus on doing what's right for the client, making sure that advisors are successful."

  • Lisa Mihelich, Institutional Group leader

    "It's very rewarding for me to work with advisors. You go home feeling like you've accomplished a lot."